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The Best Way to Handle 3 Dental Emergencies

Urgent dental care comes into play only when you’ve got a more serious problem on your hands. We’re not talking about your everyday issues or ones that can stand to wait a bit before they’re dealt with. Dental emergencies require immediate attention from our Cadillac, MI, emergency dentists if you want to save your teeth.

What if I’m Anxious at the Dentist?

When you have dental anxiety, it’s like being frozen in your tracks. You know you need oral care to keep your smile in good shape, but the thought of going to the dentist and sitting in the exam chair while tools are used on your mouth is enough to prevent regular visits. To help make life easier, our Cadillac, MI, dentists provide sedation dentistry services for patients in need.

What TMJ Treatment Might Look Like for You

Do you regularly notice soreness in your jaw that either radiates down your neck or upwards, resulting in nagging headaches? You may be in need of TMJ treatment from our Cadillac, MI, dentists. Contrary to what some patients might fear, this doesn’t immediately involve surgery or anything invasive.

5 Tips for an Easier Summer With Invisalign®

Summertime is all about taking it easy and putting your feet up a little more than usual. While you’re relaxing, however, it’s important that you don’t neglect your responsibilities with regards to your clear aligners. Our Cadillac, MI, Invisalign® dentists are here to help you move through summer while still paying attention to your smile commitment.

Root Canal or Filling: Which One Do I Need?

Relaxing at home only to be interrupted by tooth pain can be a bit alarming to say the least. Before you know it, your mind is racing thinking about what could be wrong with your smile. When this happens, our Cadillac, MI, dentists encourage you to contact our office so we can determine whether a root canal or a dental filling is necessary.

Fixing Smile Imperfections With Veneers

No one said that chipped, stained, or misshapen teeth had to be forever a part of your smile. With porcelain veneers from our Cadillac, MI, cosmetic dentists, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear thanks to the ability these shell-like covers have which is to transform teeth seamlessly.

Will It Hurt to Get a Dental Implant?

You’re not alone if you feel intimidated or scared by the thought of having a dental implant placed. It’s completely normal, though luckily, the actual process is straightforward and not as different from other restorative procedures as patients might assume. Ou

What Makes Professional Teeth Whitening a Better Choice?

Grocery store kits or online trends aren't always the most reliable ways to find your bright, white smile. Ultimately, what you need for long-lasting results is professional teeth whitening from our Cadillac, MI, cosmet

Why Plaque Is Harmful for Your Teeth

If you run your tongue along your teeth and feel a fuzziness, that’s dental plaque. Everyone is subject to plaque and though it is annoying, it’s a normal occurrence. To help you combat the effects of plaque and prevent it from causing harm to your smile, our Cadillac, MI, dentists are here to help.

4 Invisalign® Details to Consider

When you decide to commit to straighter teeth, it’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about your desired form of orthodontic treatment. Are there dietary rules? What about wear time? Our Cadillac, MI, Invisalign® dentists can answer all of these questions and more so you feel prepared to take on a new stage in your life.

Gum Disease: Signs You May Have It & What To Do

Though it can seem like irritated gums come out of nowhere, there usually are a few good reasons for their occurrence. Oftentimes, it is because of a lack of oral hygiene or improper cleaning techniques. Our Cadillac, MI, dentists can provide relief regardless and help restore your gum health.

What Can Dental Bonding Do For My Smile?

Also known as cosmetic bonding, dental bonding involves the application of tooth-colored composite resin to a tooth’s surface that you may feel self-conscious about. For example, our Cadillac, MI, cosmetic dentists can close the space between two teeth with this natural-looking material.

Don’t Let These 4 Reasons Keep You From Seeing the Dentist

Our Cadillac, MI, dentists want you to know that you’re not alone if it’s been awhile since you’ve had your teeth checked out. There are a lot of patients who come to us in the same position and while it isn’t ideal to ignore professional dental care, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We can help get you back on track.

When Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening?

While procedures like dental implants or veneers can be more exciting because they help transform your smile, other preventive forms of treatment, like oral cancer screenings, are also important and shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, our Cadillac, MI, dentists recommend most patients receive a screening at least once a year.

How Often Should I Clean My Invisalign®?

It’s no secret that patients are drawn to Invisalign® aligners because of the discreet appearance they promise. The fact that they still effectively straighten teeth and correct bite issues much like metal braces is also a bonus. Even when you choose aligners, however, our Cadillac Invisalign dentists expect you to keep them squeaky clean so they don’t stain.

3 Reasons Why A Dental Crown Is a Good Idea

The world of tooth restoration can be overwhelming. Depending on your exact situation, your smile could be back on track with a quick fix or may require a more in-depth procedure. Fortunately, our Cadillac, MI, dentists can use dental crowns for a handful of instances where your smile needs extra support.

Prevent Teeth Grinding With These Tips

Nighttime teeth grinding is quite common among adults with many not even knowing when it’s happening. Also known as bruxism, this unwanted habit has the potential to lead to jaw problems, headaches, broken teeth, and more if not treated by our Cadillac, MI, dentists first.

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

When looked after properly, dental implants can last a lifetime. If you’ve recently received one or more of these natural-looking restorations, you too can enjoy them for years to come if you focus on your oral hygiene. Our Cadillac dental implant dentists can help you do just that in our office alongside an at-home routine. Here are 5 ways you can prioritize the care of your dental implants.

Keep These 4 Things About Veneers in Mind

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change how your teeth look. In fact, our Cadillac, MI, cosmetic dentists are here to provide the support and resources you need should you decide to pursue a transformative procedure like porcelain veneers. Prior to reaching that decision, however, it’s important to consider a few key details.

How Do I Know if My Toothache Is Serious?

Dealing with tooth pain in any form is not fun. It can ruin your day and make it hard to focus on anything but the discomfort. Tooth pain is also something you shouldn't ignore or you risk more in-depth, restorative treatment from our Cadillac emergency dentists.

Which Type of Toothbrush Is Best?

A good toothbrush needs to be easy to use, comfortable to hold, and capable of removing leftover plaque from your teeth. When presented with options at the store, most people will just grab whichever toothbrush looks decent and go on their way.

4 Easy Ways to Adjust to New Dentures

When dental implants aren’t for you, it’s only fitting that full or partial dentures be the next best option. Our Cadillac, MI, dentists have helped many individuals looking for a solution to missing teeth find confidence once again with dentures.

Your Questions About Invisalign® Answered

Most people have heard about Invisalign® clear aligners, but they’re not aware of the finer details like treatment length, what it takes to be a candidate, or what our Cadillac Invisalign dentists recommend once your teeth are straight.

3 Signs You’ll Benefit From Teeth Whitening

Have you been toying with the idea of whiter teeth, but you’re not sure whether it’s right for you? Our Cadillac cosmetic dentists have helped countless people brighten their smile

What Causes Bad Smelling Breath?

Bad breath is so widespread that it affects about 1 in 4 people around the world. While the most common cause is a lack of oral hygiene, there can be other factors at play. Because of this, our Cadillac dentists are committed to helping you determine why your breath is less than stellar.

How to Know When It’s Time for Dental Implants

The dental implant procedure surgically embeds a titanium post or “tooth root” directly into a patient’s jawbone. This provides stimulation vital to the jawbone’s health and when topped with a dental crown, provides the form and function of a real tooth. If you’ve lost teeth and want a permanent solution, we recommend speaking to our Cadillac dental implant dentists.

4 Reasons to Choose Invisalign®

Are you ready to take action and straighten your smile, but you’re not sure if Invisalign® clear aligners are right for you? First, consider what you really want during treatment. If you prefer something more understated, easy to manage, and removable, our Cadillac Invisalign dentist can help get you started.