Your teeth need protection while you or a family member play sports. Avoid a knocked-out tooth or other dental emergency and keep your smile safe with custom-made sports mouth guards from our Cadillac dentists. Designed with an athlete’s comfort in mind, these mouth guards are durable and easy to wear.

Sports Mouth Guards Cadillac Mi Dentists

When Should I Wear a Mouth Guard?

Our dentists recommend that you or a child have a protective mouth guard in place when engaged in a contact sport. Examples of contact sports that warrant a mouth guard include football, soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, or kickboxing.

Even if you don’t play a contact sport, you may want to consider asking our dentists about a mouth guard to use for recreational activities such as mountain biking, skateboarding, or rollerblading. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and know your teeth are protected.

Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards

Wearing a mouth guard during sports practice or the big game has several benefits. For example, you’re less likely to experience a severe oral injury after a hit to the face. That means no missing teeth or jaw complications down the road.

A personalized mouth guard created by our dentists can reduce the risk of:

Do you currently have metal braces? No problem! Our dentists can shape the mouth guard to comfortably fit over your brackets and wires while you play.

Play Smart With a Custom Mouth Guard Today

Our dentists in Cadillac, MI, want all athletes that we treat to keep their smiles safe while they enjoy their favorite sports. That’s why we recommend custom-fitted sports mouth guards to children, teens, and adults involved in contact sports or other recreational activities. Call LifeSmiles Dentistry at (231) 775-8281 to request an appointment and discuss your very own mouth guard.